February 6, 2015

Henshin 1.2

We are happy to announce the release of Henshin 1.2! Henshin is a model / graph transformation tool for EMF models. The new release comes with new features for the graphical editor and a better integration with Apache Giraph.

The graphical editor now supports attribute conditions, which are used to restrict the applicability of transformation rules. In addition, the editor now supports live validation which gives you an immediate warning if you are trying to add an object to two containers or you are using an invalid JavaScript expression etc.

For me the most important new feature of the new version is the improved code generation facilities for Giraph. The new wizard will generate a full-fledged Java-project with all needed libraries, set up a Maven build and even automatically install a local Hadoop test environment if you like. This means that you can model a graph transformation in Henshin and fully automatically generate executable Giraph code that you can directly run in Eclipse. The video below shows you a demo of this new code generator.

Henshin 1.2 is available at our release update site.

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